Saturday, January 5, 2013

RM15 Universal Charger VS RM300 Camera Battery Charger

One day, my camera was running out of battery. I failed to search for my camera battery charger. It had gone missing!

I went for a camera shop to inquire about the price of a camera battery charger of the same brand. It is quite costly! So guys, never ever lose your camera battery charger!

I got a tips from my relative that I should just purchase a universal battery charger. I was told that it is quite impossible to get it in KL (to be specific the camera or phone shops). Hence I was trying to get it from one phone shop at my hometown. Yeah they do sell this type of charger! It only costs me RM15!

For you guys out there who had lost your phone's or camera's or whatever devices' lithium battery charger, do try out the very very AFFORDABLE universal battery charger! It will help save some money.