Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Local Second-hand Books Trading Site!

I get to know this site http://bookup.my/ recently. It is a online trading platform for 2nd books sellers/buyers with delivery service.

To be honest the concept is nothing new as I have seen some organizations running similar activity before in Petaling Jaya and Subang jaya. However this is the first time I get to know there is a local website that does this. Perhaps BookUp is really the first site that does this.

What is so special about this site? It's delivery service that makes the difference. If you are seller, BookUp will help deliver books to your buyers. First you have a platform to sell your books. Secondly you will have them to help deliver your books to the buyers. As a buyer, the books will be delivered to you just like the way you made any online transaction for any physical items.

What about shipment fee? The buyer will get FREE shipment from BookUp if the total purchase amount is over MYR50. Otherwise it will be a fair game, you buy a little only then you gotta pay for the shipment fee.

What about if your books are not sold for a long time. In fact you only have 6 month time. If your books are not sold within 6 months, you can choose to take the books back or give to BookUp for free.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Food with Discounted Price at Supermarket!

Supermarket is a good place to hunt for cheap yet not-so-bad food.

Usually after certain hour, all supermarkets will give discount to all the food.

Except certain food such as Nasi Lemak, most of the food can be consumed the next day or even can last for a few more days. For e.g. bread, cake and etc.

And during some Member Special day, the price of the food can be very very cheap. Take Aeon as example, during member day, Aeon sells fried drumstick at RM2.00 per drumstick! The drumstick is nice I swear! it is comparable to KFC! And Aeon sells RM1 for kaya kok, puff and etc during member day or on certain weekend day.

I ever see people crowding for Full Roasted Chicken priced at RM2 at Tesco. Imagine you can have that chicken for 3 meals at least. For just RM2.

My personal preference on supermarkets that offer cheap food are Aeon & Aeon Big. As for Tesco and Giant, their food are not as tasty as the former. I have tried Mydin food as well. So far Mydin offers the best rate but their food quality is slightly below average.

Below I am showing you some photos taken from one of the many supermarket.

I cannot remember from which Supermarket. For such bun normal price will be at least RM2 per bun!

2 Puff for on RM1. Normal Price could be RM4 or RM5