Thursday, March 27, 2014

合法省电至38%!无须对电表下手!Electric Saver Sticker (Legal Way. Save up to 38%. 90 Days Warranty)

1) Save Electricity Consumption the legal way (No meter tempering) from 10% to 38%

Jimat Pengunaan Elektrik secara sah di sisi undang-undang daripada 10% ke 38%


2) No maintenance fee!�

Tiada Penyelenggaraan!�


3) Easy to install at the casing of the Electric Box (DB)

Mudah pasang dekat kulit Peti DB


4) Reduce the damage from E-smog (Electromagnet)

Kurangkan kabahayaan E-smog (Sinaran Elektromagnet)


Full Body Checkup with Complementary Breakfast and Lunch! Report will be out on the same day!

I have subscribed to a Health Check program. I have used it for 2 years but this year I have no plan to do my health check. Hence I am thinking to 'rent' to you guys out there. The program comes with complementary breakfast and lunch and you can take the medical report on the same day right after the lunch. Also this package comes with the complementary stay in the 6 stars hotel Palace of the Golden Horses but this is optional.

The following are my personal medical report done last year. Note that I have not done any CT scan yet because I found there is no need but you may choose to do CT Scan as well.



该配套有验胆固醇等普通验血必有的东西,也有验癌症,验肝炎,验梅毒,验肺活量,验听力,验眼压,验心电图,验超声波,验镭射光,CT Scan等等。早上验,提供免费健康早餐午餐,午餐后报告就会完成了,直接见医生咨询。